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Boost your ROI with unparallel, olympic translations powered by the best of human intelligence, technology and AI.

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What We Do

Translation & Content Localization


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Voice Over

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We ensure a technological watch for our clients. AXON Translate combines the best of human intelligence and technology for exceptional results.

Human-centered approach.

Breakthrough technology.

Human-centered approach.

Breakthrough technology.

No More Linguistic Blunders.

Tired of automated, low-quality translations? So are we. As each business is unique, we offer a tailor-made, project-specific approach, everytime. You will never receive a low-value automatic translation from us. You can finally focus on doing what you do best, and increase your bottom-line.


Data Security

No more attachments in emails. Ensure compliance at the top level, through our Swiss ISO27001 secured server.

Our professional solutions are private, specific and dedicated to each client. The private servers contain specific glossaries and the full history of your translations, optimising accuracy.

Fast Turn-Around Time

Control your schedule from top to bottom. Get fast and reliable replies, regardless of the day of the week or time of the day.

Cost Transparency

Stop paying for the same sentence over and over again. Using repetitive terms? With AXON Translate, you only pay once to get it translated.

Your files never leave our secure infrastructure.
Your content stays in Switzerland, at all times.

We Work With Everyone

Consumer Goods

In the consumer goods industry, quality, fast, and reliable localised content is paramount. Dependable translation service ensures effective communication with diverse audiences, enabling brands to connect with customers on a personal level. Accurate translations, cultural nuances, and timely updates are vital for building trust and loyalty. AXON Translate is proud to work with brands such as HERMÈS, P&G, Decathlon, Red Bull and Dakine, among many others.

Stay ahead by delivering content that resonates, engages, and meets local expectations.

Finance, Legal & Compliance

Precise, reliable, confidential and certified translation services are crucial when it comes to legal and compliance documentation. A flawless translation ensures that intricate legal terminology, contracts, and regulations are accurately conveyed across languages. Meticulous translations mitigate risks, maintain legal compliance, and facilitate global business operations. Don’t compromise on accuracy when it comes to protecting rights, resolving disputes, or navigating complex international legal landscapes. We are proud to work with Givaudan, Rumya, Credit Suisse, Casino du Lac, Mazars and others to mitigate their legal & compliance translation requirements.

Discover how AXON Translate can solve your translation needs.

Sports & Competition

In the fast-paced sports and competition world, swift, accurate, and localised translation services are essential. As a sports’ organization, you need to ensure seamless communication between athletes, fans, and stakeholders – worldwide. Timely translations of live updates, event announcements, rankings and player interviews enhance engagement and broaden the fan base. Delivering precise and culturally relevant content ensures a truly global sports experience, fostering connections and uniting diverse communities through the universal language of sport.

Ask us about how we deliver flawless, localised content for Red Bull and for the Olympic Games.

Marketing & Communication

Localised and high-quality translation services are the key to a marketing and communications team’s success. Even more so when all it takes is to upload one file to update 10+ languages in your website – without flaws or linguistic blunders. AXON Translate enables brands to connect authentically with highly diverse audiences, and deliver tailored messages that resonate with your customers. Our translations capture nuances, resonate with your target markets, and build brand credibility. P&G, HERMÈS, Decathlon, Dakine, Red Bull, Catalyx trust AXON Translate’s translation and localisation services.

Speak to us to learn how we can help you foster strong connections, increase brand loyalty, and drive international growth.


In the healthcare industry, faultless and reliable translation services are paramount. AXON Translate empowers healthcare organizations by eliminating language barriers, which is essential for proper diagnosis, treatment, and patient safety. Accurate medical translations save lives, protect confidentiality, and uphold ethical standards.With AXON Translate, you will never jeopordise nor compromise on quality when it comes to delivering crucial healthcare information across languages.

Discover how we work with United Orthopedic, iQone, Teoxane, Elevant, Seneque and Epitact.

What You Get

AXON Translate tailored solutions
Tailored solutions
AXON Translate tailored solutions
Client Portal
AXON Translate tailored solutions
ISO 17100-compliant
AXON Translate tailored solutions
AXON Translate tailored solutions
Available 7/7
AXON Translate tailored solutions
ISO 27001-compliant

Why AXON Translate?

Average Production Time

The world doesn’t take a break on weekends or holidays, and neither do we. If you need an urgent translation, we’ll deliver – no matter the day of the week.


Cost Savings

Never pay twice for repetitive terms. Our tools and processes optimize your editorial calendar and SEO performance – and enable automatic savings from matches from previous translations.

ISO Compliance standards

We comply with the highest standards of the industries we work with, including ISO17100, ISO18587, ISO27001, and more.


There hasn’t yet been a language pair that we couldn’t fulfill. We only work with certified, native speakers who have hands-on experience in the industry/area your content relates to.

"Excellent translations even with extreme turnaround times. Thanks to the whole team who contributed to making the Lausanne 2020 Winter Olympics a success."

Greg Curchod, Head of Communication, Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games

"The exemplary availability, flexibility, and speed were decisive to meet our tight deadlines. Our experience has convinced us to choose AXON Translate for all the translations we may need in the future."

Fabrizio Barozzi, Managing Director, Casino du Lac, Genève

“We had several translations done by AXON Translate in numerous fields of activity as diverse as Textile and Orthopaedics, in several languages. AXON Translate is, in the image of its founder, serious, reliable, fast and precise. We would recommend them without hesitation“

François Bopp, President, United Orthopedic
Corporation & SF Group Holding SA

"The Communications Department of the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Winter Games turned to AXON Translate."

Greg Curchod, Head of Communication, Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games

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